Fantasia 2018: 5 Most Anticipated Films

In less than a week Fantasia 2018 will begin. In anticipation of Fantasia 2018, I’ve decided to do a very brief preview!

If you didn’t know, this is the 22nd year of the Montreal-based festival. The festival runs from July 12th through August 2nd and is North America’s largest and longest running genre fest. Over the years, it’s become a hot bed of bloody and explosive films and premieres.

A few films I’m looking forward to:


Joseph Kahn has made the music video into an art form, and in this newly produced film from Eminem, he enters the underground rap battle field. Bodied, a comedy, satirizes, while bowing to PC culture. Kahn is a controversial figure, and some of his jokes might rub some the wrong way here, but art and comedy are about risk. The risk here leads to a great reward!


Since Sundance, everything I’ve heard about Panos Cosmatos’s film has been bonkers. Starring Nicolas Cage, in the most over-the-top Nicolas Cage role ever, the film allows for the veteran actor to dig in. I’m going into this hellscape Heavy metal film ready to question what exactly I just saw when I’m finished with it.

The Man Who Killed Hitler Then The Bigfoot:


Alright, if that title doesn’t grab you then you should stop reading right now. Starring Sam Elliott, the film details an army veteran who tracks down Big Foot to kill him (which might be the greatest one-line synopsis I’ve ever read).

Da Hu Fa – the Grand Protector of Yiwei:

A Chinese submission to the festival, from director Yang Zhigang, the film is part of the animation contingent to Fantasia 2018. Odd and unusual, the film has elements of the American Western baked into it, and is sure to be an acid trip of a time.

The Witch in the Window:

This one is a world premiere and the film that I’m most looking forward to. Focusing on a father and son who move to Vermont to fix a farm house, they find the place to be haunted by its previous owner. Directed by Andy Mitton, it’s your classic haunted house fare with one twist: the more the father repairs the house, the stronger the ghost gets. How often do you get to “help” the ghost that’s haunting you?

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