‘The Accountant’

Ben Affleck shows that ordinary body building too large for your pocket protected shirted men, really can do amazing things.


In the ongoing love fest with Warner Bros (guess Afleck got more than Zak Snyder), he returns as Christian Wolff, The Accountant. All kidding aside, Affleck turns in a methodical performance. Blowing his fingertips. Rocking to and fro. One liners. Affleck has an underrated sense of humor. It’s one of the few muscles he doesn’t stretches regularly (Dogman and Buddy Jesus). The Accountant allows him to do so. Affleck plays your typical autistic martial art sniper trained CPA. Shooting melons a mile away. He is actually very akin to Superman. A man so different, eccentric, and dangerous, he is to be feared.

Regal Webster Place

Anna Kendrick continues in her “gosh” “shucks” niche as Dana Cummings. It’s difficult to believe Kendrick in this role. Then again, with a sniper trained CPA, she might be the most believable portion of the film. Wolff is an accountant for mercenaries and someone in the government finally decided to take notice. His identity is unknown. His whereabouts unknown. He’s been photographed. But no one has taken more than one picture of him. None of those pictures show his face. Figures.

Meanwhile, Jon Bernthal (Brax) has been hired by a third party to take down Wolff and Kendrick. Keeping up?

The action and chase scenes are crisp. The fighting is high level. Note: Every fight or action scene is better than what’s in Batman v. Superman. The Accountant has better fights than a film with superheroes. Looking at you Snyder. The showcase bout between Wolff and Brax is reminiscent of the Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul, with its dependence on tight shots for viscerally violent yet fluid fighting styles.

The ending is ultimately unsatisfying. How couldn’t a sniper trained CPA film end well? By being mundane. Boring. Only one person dies. And, if you go with a film about a killer Accountant, you gotta go all in.

If you like actions films where you don’t have to think too much (though the Accountant attempts to make you think) then this film is for you. If you like guys in glasses. If you like math done on windows. If you like higher powered rifles and guns. The Accountant might be for you. Most of all………whiplash………. can make a Gigi………………….Stallone on a mountain……………and……………

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